About Us

CIMSA (Center for Indonesian Medical Students Activities) University of Jember is a non-profit, non-government, and non-politic organization facilitating medical students of Indonesia, especially in Jember, who intend to make a great impact in nation’s health through activity-based projects.



Standing Committees

CIMSA Universitas Jember has 4 standing committees that work on 4 different areas, named Public Health (SCOPH), Reproductive Health including AIDS (SCORA), Human Rights and Peace (SCORP), and Professional Exchange (SCOPE).


Fakultas Kedokteran Universitas Jember
Jalan Kalimantan No. 37 Jember 68121
Telpon : 0331 – 324446, 337877
Fax : 0331 – 324446, 337877
Email : cimsaunej@gmail.com
Website : http://www.cimsaunej.or.id