Climate change has become a serious topic over these past years, but as years goes by, peoples’ attention on greenhouse gas declines, whereas climate never stops getting worse. Climate change does have a lot of impacts on our health and disaster included, even more, Indonesia is located in a position prone to disaster, renownedly known as “The Ring of Fire.” According to Badan Nasional Penanggulangan Bencana (BNPB), Indonesia had 1525 disasters just in the year of 2014, caused 566 casualties, 3 million people evacuated and left 51000 people displaced. Therefore, SCORP CIMSA UNEJ decided to participate in this nationwide campaign held by SCORP CIMSA. We spread those message by publishing facts regarding climate change and using twibbon in each of members’ profile picture. This earth hour campaign aims to engage rational energy usage for everyone.


STEREO (SCORP Training On Human Rights Scope) is a capacity building organized by SCORP CIMSA UNEJ to develop members’ capabilities and knowledge of SCORP’s work areas so that they can be utilized as much as possible to improve the quality of self, public health and quality Public health organizations and be able to realize the goal of CIMSA: “Empowering medical students, Improving nations’ health”. In order to achieve that, an understanding of the foundation of the organization is important for all members to explore activities that can be done to improve the quality of public health. However, based on the assessment, only 29.62% of members have a good understanding of Universal Declaration of Human Rights and only 3.7% are aware of SCORP’s focus and work area.Continue reading