CIMSA di Musim Cherry (CDMC for short) was held in Villa Rayap Jember on 22-23 December 2016. This project was attended by CIMSA UNEJ Officials, second-year members, and also our beloved new members from first-year.

The activities were SCO sessions, games, sharing sessions, and also trainings. There were two trainings: project management and thinking outside the box. The trainings were conducted by three trainers: two trainers from Pre-OM TNT and one trainer from Sub-Regional TNT. The trainees were CIMSA UNEJ’s new members. On the first day, we had project management training, in this session new members learned steps how to make a good project. In the end of this session, new members tried to make a project plan in a group discussion, so they could apply the steps that are already taught. On CIMSA di Musim Cherry day two, the training was about thinking outside the box. New members learned how to step out of their comfort zone, to think in different ways, to look problems in another perspective, and most importantly, to make a creative problem-solving.
Hopefully, members are able to apply it in daily life, in order to empower medical students improving nation’s health.

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