MUSHROOM (Mini Sustainable Sharing Group in a Room)

Mushroom, an acronym for Mini Sustainable Sharing Group in a Room, is a training program for the first-year member, the members were divided into six small groups to make the training more intensive and intimate. Mushroom was held between April and May 2017. In Mushroom, the trainee received basic skill and soft skill training, those trainings are beneficial for the trainee in a matter of being a better self as a future health care professional and implementing it in CIMSA’s activities such as project, campaign, and so on. There are three trainings that have been conducted in mushroom, there were:

  1. English and writing skill; to understand how to use English and write it properly
  2. Communication skill; to spread knowledge and information among people
  3. Basic leadership; to lead each of trainee’s self and their team in attaining their goals.

Each training was conducted by following trainer in CIMSA UNEJ; Yoga, Agung, Mile, Iqbal, Bella, and Trisma.

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