On May 7th, 2017, CIMSA UNEJ gathers the three SCOs in one project. This Transco project was held in RK OSCE Universitas Jember. There were 3 trainings here. There were CIMSA Program, Community Development, and Gender Equality.

First training that we had was CIMSA Program, this training was conducted by two trainers from CIMSA UNEJ. The second training was about community development, participants were divided into 2 groups then the training was held in two places at one time. This training was conducted by CIMSA UNEJ’s Community Development Coordinator, and also trainers from TNT Region 7 2017. Last training in this project was about gender equality, and this one was conducted by a trainer from CIMSA UGM, Abicintha P. Sheila. Gender inequality is still an issue that needs to be developed in Indonesia. Our women also often experience trafficking, or work as Indonesian labor and often experience violence as well. The aim of this training was to increase medical students awareness of women’s participation in all aspects of life.

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