At the end of 2017, we had the opportunity to interview one of the CIMSA UNEJ Alumni, dr. Muhammad Dilli Yudhisthira. He was LOCO CIMSA UNEJ 2004 – 2007. Although CIMSA UNEJ officially became the 21st local CIMSA Indonesia on October 9, 2016, in reality, CIMSA UNEJ has been in FK UNEJ since 2002 before finally disappearing and rebuilt by Ashandi Triyoga Prawira in 2015. dr. Dilli, as he called, shares his inspiring stories and experiences while part of CIMSA.


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  1. Muhammad Dilli Yudistira


Semplak 2 Bogor Elementary School

Junior High School 1 Bogor

Senior High School 5 Bogor

Medical Student, Faculty Of Meedicine UNEJ



Hello, doctor Dilli, How are you? What is your current activity, doc?

Hi, I’m fine. Now I’m a doctor at Sumberjambe Health Center, Jember, and a VCT counselor as well. In addition, I also manage other programs at Health Center.

Doc, Why are you motivated and choose to become a doctor?

Actually, I have no special motivation to be a doctor. Starting from the desire of small, so that from the age of about five years until I was in high school if asked what aspiration the answer is always the same and never changed, that is becoming a doctor.

Doc, please tell us how is CIMSA history in UNEJ? How did you choose to join CIMSA and become Local Coordinator for 3 years?

Initially, I was a member of SCORA, before becoming LOCO in 2004 until 2007. In 2007 it was finally CIMSA UNEJ regenerated and replaced by a new LOCO, then I coass in RSD dr. Soebandi and graduated. Later, I went through an internship in Papua in 2009, which in the end made me not know if CIMSA in FK UNEJ wasn’t there until it was built again. CIMSA UNEJ became an observer around 2001 or 2002 and originally an Observer of SCORA and in UNEJ was named ACAS (AIDS Care Association Study) centered on SCORA CIMSA at that time. When I entered CIMSA, I didn’t know that ACAS is SCORA in CIMSA UNEJ. I became an ACAS member in 2002, which automatically made me a member of SCORA and at the end of 2004 was entrusted with being a LOCO CIMSA. There are two new SCOs we initiate namely SCOME and SCORP. In 2005, CIMSA, under my management, conducted many activities such as fund-raising and flash floods in Panti through SCORP, even then CIMSA’s national official took the time to come. In addition, we created an HIV / AIDS seminar in commemorating WAD through SCORA. SCOME invites experts in the seminar. CIMSA UNEJ should have been doing the regeneration once a year. However, entering 2006, CIMSA UNEJ was hit by a lot of problems at CIMSA UNEJ which resulted in me having to resume LOCO’s office in one year. One of our members in 2006 even had to exchange to Hungary via CIMSA. In my 3 years of management, I had the opportunity to attend the National Meeting of CIMSA in Semarang and Surabaya. Around 2007, CIMSA UNEJ finally regenerated, I went to RSD dr. Soebandi became a young doctor and I took off all the positions and in 2009 I left Jember and started my internship in Papua for 3 years from 2009 to 2013.

Doc, In addition to being active in CIMSA UNEJ, are there any other organizations that you follow when you become a student?

Incidentally, my wife and I also formed an NGO called WISH who was involved in the field of HIV / AIDS and we also formed an organization and initiated NGO WAGAYO, now called OGAWA. In 2007, SCORA CIMSA UNEJ also made a big event “MAKE IT RED” on December 1, 2007, and invited several NGO concerned about HIV / AIDS.

Wow, so cool doc! HIV / AIDS is an issue that seems very attractive to doctor isn’t it? Why interested in HIV / AIDS doc?

I think HIV is a disease I don’t think is a cursed disease, it’s like hepatitis, cancer. At first, I was more interested in his organization. Because once in high school I belong organizations and at the time of college I plan to finish but eventually I droop again. By the time I got stumped, I was enjoying again and finally, I was active again in the organization and at the time of organizing I tried to be an idealistic student and made activities as ideal as possible. At that time I preferred the activity and happened to be very interested in the issues of HIV / AIDS because not many people are involved in organizations that focus on it. My realm is not to the patient, but more toward promotive and preventive. At that time I and my friends at the NGO routine to broadcast on the radio every Thursday at 7 am and give education in prison on Friday. In collaboration with one of the parties at the time, we also conducted counseling about HIV / AIDS to schools especially high schools in Jember. In those days, I became a peer-educator through CIMSA following NPEW in Jakarta.

Is there a special motivation when doctor decide to become part of CIMSA doc? In the eyes of Doctor Dilli, what’s CIMSA anyway?

Hm, joined CIMSA initially because it was from the high school I was an organizer. Basically, at that time I was fraudulent because when I was a student I thought to finish the times where my life is full of organizational events. But for some reason, in 2002, I was then asked to be a section of the PRINCIPLES at the SCORA event and at that time the show was a seminar on HIV & AIDS. When the event ended, I was overwhelmed and eventually became LOCO. I consider CIMSA a good organization, I prefer to follow CIMSA because compared to other organizations, CIMSA is more towards working and doing activities by jumping directly into the community, not just bureaucracy and all things through complicated permissions, even I used to sometimes make the event not there is a license because we used to be the principle that we work and the activities are successful, the whole is voluntary and there is not the slightest interest in making the event for the sake of making material profits.

Back again to my reason why CIMSA because first I really like activities pure activity, I’m not a person who likes to work behind the desk, which most plans but not the way, I prefer the spontaneous but so and impact feel. I do prefer to work in that style and CIMSA has a larger work ethic toward activity. Because as we know CIMSA stands for Center for Indonesian Medical Student’s Activites. ACTIVITIES right? It signifies that we are doing activities that are capable of producing impact for the community and have good business and impact, not just activities to just look for the name and to see the crowd, but more toward activities that produce a good impact. I remembered my older brother told me that they had made a project by collecting 1000 signatures and brought in during May Meeting. When my class sister showed to friends at the May Meeting instead of getting applause, they were asked a lot of questions, one of which asked what was the function of the collection and with the signature and then the signature would be, as it were. I think that CIMSA teaches to learn more and realize that activity does not necessarily have to be seen but activity must have optimal effort and impact and I think it’s a very pleasant experience.

Very inspiring doc, we may ask for a little motivation from doctors to present CIMSA UNEJ members?

In essence, CIMSA is a good organization and teaches me about idealism. CIMSA is also one cause I want to an internship in Papua, because there are very high HIV cases, besides many other problems such as malaria, social problems, poverty. It made me an internship and stayed for 3 years there. It was a very interesting experience for me. CIMSA is excellent as a container in character building and fits perfectly with today’s work ethic of “Work, Work, Work”. So CIMSA is good and indeed different because we move directly into activities according to Standing Committee which has a different focus. However, that’s what keeps us working and doing activities with a focus on what we want to achieve and impact as per the SCO’s focus.

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