CIMSALABIM – World Diabetes Day (WDD) 2018

To commemorate World Diabetes Day or what we are familiar with World Diabetes Day (WDD) 2018, which is commemorated every November 14, SCOPH CIMSA UNEJ organizes CIMSALABIM. What is CIMSALABIM? CIMSALABIM stands for CIMSA UNEJ and the Community of Joint Mellitus Fighters which is held on Saturday and Sunday, 8-9 December 2018. CIMSALABIM consists of two activities, namely, the first day a radio broadcast is held and the second day celebrates the day of diabetes itself.

CIMSALABIM was held with the aim of celebrating the commemoration of World Diabetes Day, in addition to the high prevalence of people with diabetes mellitus. This diabetes can affect anyone including teenagers. Indonesia itself is the country with the highest number of Diabetes and is ranked sixth in the world. Therefore, there must be a movement that can convey to the general public how important prevention is to treat diabetes.

On the first day, which was precisely on Saturday, December 8, 2018 we made a radio broadcast. In this radio broadcast we collaborated with K-Radio 102.9 FM and the venue was held at K-Radio 102.9 FM studio. This radio broadcast is carried out by delivering material about Diabetes Mellitus and GERMAS (Movement for Healthy Living Society) as an effort to prevent diabetes or diabetes.

On the second day, Sunday, December 9, 2018, it was the culmination of CIMSALABIM itself, as a celebration of World Diabetes Day commemoration. This activity was held at the Kreanova Field in Jember University. In accordance with the theme we can get, namely Family and Diabetes, our goal is the Jember community, especially those present at the Kreanova event. This event begins with the holding of gymnastics, we do gymnastics with the people in Kreanova. After that we educate people who are on the move around the field regarding Diabetes Mellitus and GERMAS (Healthy Living Community Movement) by CIMSA members. The system we use is by giving a pretest before education and post test after education. With a system like this, we can know the extent to which the community knows and understands things related to Diabetes Mellitus and GERMAS.

In addition to gymnastics and education, we also provide several health examination booths that consist of blood pressure checks and free blood glucose checks. With this health checkup, people can find out how their blood sugar levels are at this time, so people can anticipate diabetes if it is high in sugar. Besides that there is also a mini games booth. Mini games here are valid for all ages, the game is to put the ball into a cup containing questions about diabetes mellitus, who can answer will get a small note prize. People who have done a health check will get low sugar milk for free.

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