EXPLORER – Exchange People Goes Around Jember

Hello, CIMSA!

On Sunday morning, November 4th 2018, SCOPE CIMSA UNEJ held a project called EXPLORER (Exchange People Goes Around Jember), at Pusat Penelitian Kopi Kakao Jenggawah Jember.

This project began with presentation about general introduction SCOPE, by CIMSA UNEJ senior, Asri Ayu Firdausi. The second presentation called PIIT, it was starting from what is SCOPE, what is outgoing/incoming, how to prepare to receive incoming, how we exchange to other countries, and each other explained by Rahma, as LEO SCOPE FK UNEJ.

The activity continued with SWG (Small Working Group), divided into 6 groups. These groups making a group discussion project then the discussion results will be presented by each group. And the next activity was played games, then tour around the chocolate factory using a wooden train. At last we took some photos with the new members and SCOPE members.The activity went well and the new members were very happy. We hope that by Explorer, SCOPE UNEJ can provide many useful experiences going forward.


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