POKEMON (Program for Kids through Education and Management on Nutrition)

POKEMON or Program for Kids through Education and Management on Nutrition is one of COMDEV activity in CIMSA UNEJ. POKEMON has been implemented since 2016. And now, POKEMON becomes a sustainable activity. POKEMON aims to improve the nutritional status of students in SDN Karangrejo V, Sumbersari, Jember, East Java. It’s because SDN Karangrejo V students tend to have nutritional status between good and less (80%).

On March, 23rd 2019, POKEMON held an intervention activity with Klinik Gizi POLIJE as our collaboration. Klinik Gizi POLIJE gave knowledge and material about healthy breakfast and balanced nutrition to Dokter Kecil in SDN Karangrejo V. There were 10 students from 4th and 5th grade who joined the program. They were very enthusiastic during the training. In the beginning, we made an opening with them. Before we did the explanation, we were giving a pretest according to the material, about healthy breakfast, that would be given to them. We also made the activity more fun with reading comics together about healthy breakfast and gave model of healthy breakfast on plates. Not only reading comics and giving food model, but we also did a games named snake whispering and sang a song in the middle of material explanation, healthy breakfast song, made by the committee.

After that, the activity was continued by Q and A (question and answer) session and posttest. After the training, we asked one by one of Dokter Kecil to deliver knowledge as peer educators. Although some of them were shy to come forward, they were very excited. This strategy aimed to increase the confidence of Dokter Kecil as an agent to educate friends, family, and community around them. At the end of the activity, we gave a gift, a pin of Dokter Kecil and yelled a song of the Dokter Kecil SDN Karangrejo V and POKEMON GO.

Hopefully with this program, Dokter Kecil SDN Karengrejo V can share knowledge and certainly be able to become a good peer educator for their friends and family. Moreover, we hope they can help create a healthy Indonesia. Thank you, CIMSA!

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