MAMA (Maternal Acquaintance for Mom’s Awareness)

Maternal Mortality Ratio or Angka Kematian Ibu (AKI) is the number of maternal deaths due to complications of pregnancy, childbirth, and the puerperium period recorded within one year per 1000 live births at the same time. Jember, one of city in East Java, has to be first position of the highest maternal mortality ratio in East Java. According to the health profile of Kabupaten Jember, in 2014 in Arjasa Subdistrict, the drop out of antenatal care or ANC rate was very high (K1 = 97%; K4 = 47%). This condition certainly has a big influence on AKI in Jember. Therefore, MAMA (Maternal Acquaintance for Mom’s Awareness) decided to focus on the ANC, especially  increasing the number of ANC visits in Kemuninglor Village, Arjasa District in an effort to reduce maternal morrality ratio  in Jember Regency.

On Saturday, April 13th 2019, a MAMA bonding was held. This activity was held in Kemuninglor Village, Arjasa District, Jember Regency. In the same day, POSYANDU was held also in this village. So that, this bonding event was held with POSYANDU activities in the village. MAMA was began with opening, after that it was continued by sharing about ANC explained by Indra Caesar as PETRA. In the middle of sharing, pregnant women or ibu-ibu was very enthusiastic to pay attention and answer a number of questions asked by the speaker. After sharing, in order not to get bored we invited pregnant women and WUS to sing the song “Ayo ANC” and give a game. The game was myths or facts about pregnancy. When the games ware done, mothers looked very eager to answer some of the statements given by OC regarding pregnancy. Mothers who succeeded in answering and explaining OC’s statements whether myths or facts then given door prizes such as household appliances.

After we sharing and did a game, there also available TTV examination by OCs to pregnant women and WUS who were present. This was for determining the state of pregnant women’s health and WUS. The TTV examination was also followed by direct interviews with pregnant women about ANC and WUS about family planning. This interview was used to determine the level of understanding of pregnant women and WUS about each interview topic. Furthermore, our strategy to monitor each pregnant woman is make responsible agent or penanggung jawab (PJ). We devided the OC into each group from each pregnant woman to constantly remind the pregnant women regarding the existence of POSYANDU and the schadule for ANC examination. After that, free soy milk was distributed to pregnant women and WUS. The activity hadn’t stopped yet. There was also a pregnancy gymnastics. The gymnast was the midwife of the Kemuning Lor village, named Suryandari Amd. Keb. Mothers are very enthusiastic and active to follow the gymnastic movements.

Hopefully what we have been done today is useful and memorable for the pregnant women and Fertile Women in Kemungning Lor village and can help reduce Maternal Mortality Ratio through increasing the ANC visits, Thank you CIMSA!

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