TREASURE (Travel Abroad for Medical Student through Exchange)

TREASURE is a project for the introduction of the Exchange Fair, which is a medical faculty student facility to exchange to the country they want.

This activity has held a SCOPE CIMSA UNEJ in April 10,11,15,16 where the first activity was an open booth activity, where in this activity students from the University of Jember Medical Faculty who were members of the scope of Cimsa opened booths located in the lobby of the H building for the purpose, from this open booth is to provide information about the medical faculty exchange fair in addition to the presentation of the exchange fair information at the open booth, it is also explained about the mechanism for the exchange fair exchange and which countries open the exchange fair program, besides that there is an explanation of the country’s difficulty level. divided by 3 level, where countries with high level 1 had no applicants were great but the reception of participants slightly last weeks to the state, level 2 enthusiasts and while, level 3 has fans, but acceptance quota of participants is very large, in addition to activities the open booth also led to activities or the game so that the students who come to the open booth don’t feel bored, where this game is called beer pong but we don’t use beer in this activity where the glass is change with questions about the insight of countries that open an exchange fair where everyone gets 3 pieces opportunity if successful answer will get a purchase discount at open booth.Continue reading