POKEMON (Program for Kids through Education and Management on Nutrition) – 25th May

POKEMON (Program for Kids through Education and Management on Nutrition) is one of CIMSA UNEJ’s COMDEV activity. POKEMON has been implemented since 2016 and become a sustainable activity. POKEMON aims to improve the nutritional status of students in SDN Karangrejo V, Sumbersari, Jember, East Java. It’s because the students of SDN Karangrejo V tend to have nutritional status between good and less(80%).

On Saturday, 25th May 2019, POKEMON held an intervention by providing guidance for the students in SDN Karangrejo V from 1st grade to 5th grade that have done by CIMSA UNEJ and also assisted by Dokter kecil. Students from each class seemed very enthusiastic and eager to take part in our training. At the beginning of the activity, we made an introduction. Then, the provision of balanced nutrition was delivered by the Little Doctor who had previously been at the previous briefing. Next, we sang a song. The song title is Healthy Breakfast. We also invite the students to come bravely in front of the class to sing this song. This simple action means to increase the confidence of each student.

Below are the lyrics of the song, Healthy Breakfast, by OC (Tone: balonku)

Tubuhku sangat kuat

Karena sarapan sehat

Makan makanan bergizi

Minum susu setiap pagi

Jangan lupa sayurnya

Juga buah-buahan

Sarapan setiap pagi

Bersama keluarga

After getting the material and then singing, a post test was carried out to find out how far our little brothers and sisters understand about the material. In order to make our little brothers and sisters did not get bored and keept up the spirit, we do some ice breaking in small games. The games were guessin of style and marbles. The role play was if the marbles fell then get questions about the previous material. It is intended that the ice breaking is not only fun, but also makes repetition about the previous material. As a gift for the active students, we gave stickers to all students. The last event is the announcement of the POKEMON WINNER (a person per class) whose assessment is based on the filling out of the monitoring paper that has been filled. POKEMON WINNER got special gift. The gift was stationery and sling.

Hopefully with this fun activity, our little brothers and sisters of SDN Karangrejo V can share their knowledge and become good educator for their friends, family, relatives, and can help create a healthy Indonesia, Thank you,  CIMSA!

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