MAMA (Maternal Acquaintance for Mom’s Awareness) – 25th May 2019

Maternal Mortality Ratio or Angka Kematian Ibu (AKI) is the number of maternal deaths due to complications of pregnancy, childbirth, and the puerperium period recorded within one year per 1000 live births at the same time. Jember, one of city in East Java, has to be first position of the highest maternal mortality ratio in East Java. According to the health profile of Kabupaten Jember, in 2014 in Arjasa Subdistrict, the drop out of antenatal care or ANC rate was very high (K1 = 97%; K4 = 47%). This condition certainly has a big influence on AKI in Jember. Therefore, MAMA (Maternal Acquaintance for Mom’s Awareness) decided to focus on the ANC, especially to increase the number of ANC visits in Kemuninglor Village, Arjasa Sub district, as a strategy to reduce maternal morality ratio in Jember Regency.

On Saturday, 25th May, 2019, Community Development of SCORA CIMSA UNEJ, MAMA, does intervention to the pregnant women and WUS in Kemuning Lor Village, Arjasa Sub district, Jember Regency. MAMA’s intervention this time gave explanation about two materials. The first material was about contraception and the second was Hypnobirthing and Hypnoparenting.

MAMA (Maternal Acquaintance for Mom’s Awareness) began with the opening speech of LORA (Local officer on Sexual & Reproductive Health and Rights including HIV & AIDS) CIMSA UNEJ, Muh. Indra Caesar, and followed by MAMA’s Project Officer (PO), Wahyuning Pangestu. Next is the explanation of contraception by Mr. Suprihandoko, MM as a representative of BKKBN Indonesia (National Population and Family Planning Board). The purpose of this material was to introduce contraception. This introduction included the types of contraception, their usage, the advantages and disadvantages of using contraception, and also the impact of using contraceptives. Then, the second materials were hypnobirthing and Hypnoparenting that was given by Mr. Ahmad Busairi, S.Kep, Ners as representatives of the Indonesian Board of Hypnotherapy (IBH). The 1st purpose of this material is to ensure that mothers can maintain and fight perceptions of anxiety, fear, tension, and illness when she gives birth later. The 2nd purpose is this topic can be knowledge to mothers who will become educators to educate their children in the future. In the material session, the pregnant women and WUS were very enthusiastic and active participating. Their participations were showed in this session with actively asking and answering questions from other participants and from the speakers. After the speakers had given the material, we conducted an examination of vital signs (TTV) for pregnant women and WUS in purpose to know about their general physical condition.

Hopefully this MAMA activity can provide more understanding and knowledge for the pregnant women and fertile women during their pregnancy and their labour. It is also expected to realize a reduction in Maternal Mortality Rate and create a healthier Indonesia with the holding of this activity. Thank you CIMSA!

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