DRAGONBALL (Diabetes Risk Reduction Program by Application of Healthy Lifestyle) – 25th May 2019

DRAGONBALL (Diabetes Risk Reduction Program by Application of Healthy Lifestyle) is one of the activities carried out by SCOPH CIMSA UNEJ. This activity is a new program held in May 2019 which is conducted every month by SCOPH CIMSA UNEJ. DRAGONBALL aims to reduce the risk of diabetes and reduce the prevalence of diabetes in Sukoreno Village, Kaliwates District, Jember Regency, East Java. The reason for implementing this program in Sukoreno Village is because this village has the highest prevalence of diabetes in Jember Regency. The activities carried out were conducting physical health checks, blood pressure examination and blood sugar test without being charged. After an examination of blood pressure and blood sugar, an assessment and education is given to individuals with informed consent. Every individual who has agreed to informed consent will be educated about what diabetes is, how to manage diabetes and examples of applying a healthy lifestyle.

On Saturday, May 25, 2019, DRAGONBALL conducted a bonding activity which was the initial activity as an introduction to this program to local residents in collaboration with the village midwife Sukoreno in conducting health checks at Sukoreno Village Hall. Local residents who participated in this activity seemed enthusiastic in receiving health checks and assessments from CIMSA members. Before it begins, we prepare the examination table and arrange assignments with the village midwife. Local residents who came were asked to submit photocopies of family cards for data collection, then each person measured their weight and height by the CIMSA member. After that, the village midwife checks their blood pressure. After a blood pressure check, they moved to the second table and the CIMSA member checked their blood sugar.

Local residents who have participated in several health tests will be directed by members to take part in the assessment. Assessment in the form of interviews with them related to several things such as personal and family data, medical history, as well as several questions related to lifestyle and diabetes. This interview was conducted to find out the habits of the local residents before conducting education as well as analyzing risk factors related to diabetes. After the assessment is complete, we educate them about diabetes including how to reduce blood sugar levels by implementing a healthy lifestyle, how to prevent diabetes, and how to avoid the risk factors for diabetes. Every individual is educated by members through casual conversation and discussion face to face. In this way, we hope local residents can understand more about diabetes.

Hopefully with this activity, the prevalence of diabetes decreases in Sukoreno Village and local residents can implement a healthy lifestyle to reduce risk and prevent diabetes in the family and society. Thankyou, CIMSA!

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