The IFMSA 68th August Meeting was hosted by FMS Taiwan in Taipei. August Meeting is one of the events held by IFMSA which aims to gather IFMSA members from all across the globe and empower each other, with various trainings, theme events, plenary, and SCO sessions to continue the regeneration of IFMSA. All the opportunities provided in this event require delegates present to be able to share innovative, creative, and solutive ideas so that problems that occur, not only in the organization, but also in the environment / medical world, can be found the solutions. Then, we can solving the problems in order a better world.

As the topic raised at the 2019 IFMSA August Meeting theme events this time, namely ‘Science, Technology, and Innovation for Sustainable Health Care’, we as delegates and medical students are required to continue to learn and enrich knowledge as vast as possible extent because the rapid of advancement in technology can make it possible to shift the capabilities that have been possessed by medical personnel now and later as stated by Dr. James Christopher Thomas in delivering material on ‘How is Technology Shaping Diversity in Medical Systems’.

Broadly speaking, the event on the first day was the ‘Opening Ceremony & Welcoming Party’ at Caesar Metro Hotel, Taipei. The opening ceremony was held to welcome delegates who had attended the general assembly and was a formal event filled with welcoming speeches, this time from Chairperson of FMS-Taiwan 2019/2020, Jasmine Tan, followed by welcoming speeches from IFMSA Regional Director for Asia-Pacific 2018/2019, Po-Chin Li, IFMSA President 2018/2019, Dr. Batool Al Wahdani, and Major of Taipei City, Dr. Wen-Je Ko. Then, filled with traditional dances typical of the indigenous Formosan Island, Taiwan during the Welcoming Party session and the first plenary session began.

On the second day, we began the morning by attending SCO-Sessions, President Sessions, and NMO Management Sessions. Afterwards, we held discussions with NMO CIMSA-ISMKI Indonesia delegates in the NMO Hour Sessions.

Then, continued with the theme event with the material ‘Health Inequities and Universal Declarations on Bioethics and Human Rights’, ‘Home-based Medical Care in A Fast Aging Society’, ‘Students, Patients, and The Machines: Interprofessional Education, Intercultural Competency, Global Health, and Professionalism’ which were filled in sequence by the Head of the Asia-Pacific Division on Director of Education International Program UNESCO in Bioethics, Haifa, Prof. Dr. Russel D’Souza, Major of Taipei City, Dr. Wen-Je Ko, and AMEE 2019 Spokeperson, Dr. Janusz Jhanczukowicz. We also attended the Regional Session filled by Po-Chin Li and the Regional Team. In the evening, we took part in the TO-NMO Buddies session to get to know the EB and Team of Officials (TO) better. At that time, we talked with Vice President for Capacity Building 2019/2020 candidate, Catarina Pais Rodrigues from ANEM-Portugal and still serves as SCOME Director 2018/2019. On that night IFMSA Fringe was also held, which was filled with performances from OC, SCO, and many more. In the same venue, Taiwanese snacks are also opened.

On the third day, started with the same session as the second day. However, plenary sessions continued today and training sessions conducted by each SCO. Specifically SCOPE-SCORE, followed by ‘Poster Fair’ to promote exchange and social programs held by each NMO, including NMO CIMSA-ISMKI Indonesia. At night, it was continued with plenary sessions and night tour to Taipei 101 Tower, Elephant Mountain, and Shilin Night Market.

The next day, it still started with the same session as the previous days. What’s different at that day was the Rex Crossley Awards and NMO CIMSA-ISMKI Indonesia had the opportunity to present a project from the local CIMSA UNS, Seduction. Then, we also attended SCO Joint Sessions, President Sessions, and Regional Sessions. In the evening, continued with the ‘National Food and Drink Party’ (NFDP) where each NMO served food or snacks and drinks typical of their respective countries. We, from Indonesia, peddled rendang, keripik pedas, kentang goreng balado, bakso goreng, and bakpia kukus at that night. A lot of delegations are interested in Indonesian food because of the spiciness they got when tasted it. To made everyone noticed our stand, we made a level-up challenge to force every delegates to tried and tasted every single meal that we served on our table. And it worked!

On the fifth day, started with External Representation Sessions, Capacity Building Plenaries, and SCOPE-SCORE Contracts Fair. I joined the Contracts Fair and there I got various kinds of merchandise from all the NMOs I visited. I also enjoyed the commotion and bustle that occurred during the Contracts Fair because, at that session, each NMO made a unilateral or bilateral contract with another NMO by determining the number of incoming and outgoing. Then, continued with EB Debates, NMO Hour Sessions, President Sessions, and the most recent session, IFMSA Global Priorities Events. In the most recent session, we were demanded to play scenes and roles as actors of policy makers, hospitals in a country, patients, and the like with cases that have been given. The topic of each session was different in its application, some were in the form of WHO Simulation by raising the topic of Environmental Sustainability, and many more. Then, continued with the theme event which this time raised the topic ‘How is Technology Shaping Diversity in Medical Systems’ which was filled by Dr. Chyong-Huey Lai, Dr. James Christopher Thomas, Prof. Dr. Wang Ying Wei, and Dr. Chun-Lin Chi. In the evening, Cultural Night was held which was filled with performances by each NMO.

On the last day, started with the same session on the second to fourth day. However, the sixth day was special because of the Activities Fair and NMO CIMSA-ISMKI was given the opportunity to promote and present seven local projects and SCOs, one of which was POKEMON from the local CIMSA UNEJ. Then, continued with the last plenary sessions and the Team of Officials 2019/2020 was chosen. In the evening, we attended the Closing Ceremony filled with dance performances and acrobats typical of Taiwan and the Farewell Party. In the Closing Ceremony also announced the winners of the Rex Crossley Awards and Activities Fair, Seduction by CIMSA UNS won the runner-up in the Rex Crossley Awards and, to close that night, we together listened to Mandarin song serenade by OC’s band.

For three days after the general meeting of the IFMSA Meeting in August 2019, the Indonesian delegation traveled in the city of Taipei, Taiwan. We visit Ximenting Night Market, Taipei City Hall, Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall, National Palace Museum, and other amazing places.

IFMSA 68th August Meeting is an event that opens our horizons in seeing the problems that exist in the world. Open our minds that we live and are in this world with people who have different perspectives, views, understandings, cultures, and races, but can synergize with each other and have the same goal, which is to create a better world. Thank you to OC and FMS-Taiwan for organizing this event successfully and giving a very good impression to their delegates.

 See you in Rwanda for March Meeting 2020!

by : Muhamad Dwi Eka Putra


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