DRAGON BALL (Diabetes Risk Reduction Program by the Application of Healthy Lifestyle) – 14th September 2019

DRAGON BALL (Diabetes Risk Reduction Program by the Application of Healthy Lifestyle) is one of the activities organized by COMDEV (Community Development) SCOPH CIMSA UNEJ. This activity is a new program that began to be held in May 2019 and is expected to become an ongoing activity that is carried out by SCOPH CIMSA UNEJ every month. DRAGON BALL aims to reduce the risk of diabetes and reduce the prevalence of diabetes in the community in Sukoreno Village, Kalisat District, Jember Regency, East Java. This is due to the prevalence of diabetes in the community village of Sukoreno is still quite high. Activities undertaken during the implementation of DRAGON BALL are conducting free health checks to the public which include checking blood pressure and blood sugar. After checking blood pressure and blood sugar, an assessment and education are provided to the community through a personal approach. Every community undergoing an examination will be educated about what diabetes is, how to deal with diabetes and a healthy lifestyle.

On Saturday, September 14, 2019 DRAGON BALL carried out the first intervention activity in the village hall of Sukoreno, Kalisat District, Jember Regency. In this activity, SCOPH CIMSA UNEJ collaborated with the External Partner Student Organization (SO), SNC Faculty of Nursing, UNEJ and cadres from the elderly post. People who come are asked to submit a photocopy of the family card for data collection, then each person is measured by his weight and height. After that the people are invited to sit down to undergo a blood pressure check. After undergoing a blood pressure check, the public is invited to move to the second table and undergo a blood sugar check by the committee.

People who have undergone a series of health tests will be directed by the committee to take part in education related to diabetes mellitus. Participants will be given several questions about diabetes mellitus as a form of pretest before participating in education with the committee. Education provided includes how to reduce blood sugar levels through a healthy lifestyle, how to prevent diabetes, and how to avoid the risk factors for diabetes. Everyone will be accompanied by the committee and education is carried out casually through personal conversation and discussion. After the education takes place, the committee will give a few more questions as a post-test to measure the level of participants’ understanding of the education that has been given, so that the committee can evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the education that has been done. The existence of the pretest and post test is also important to be done as a benchmark for the success of the program for the long term and its future implementation in the daily lives of participants. In this way it is hoped that people will be able to understand diabetes better.

Hopefully with this activity, the prevalence of diabetes in the village of Sukoreno, Kalisat sub-district can be reduced and the community can adopt a healthy lifestyle to reduce risk and prevent diabetes in the family and society at large. Be active with CIMSA!

By : Sofia Yusnur Rafida, Dimas Zabirurrohman Putra, Syifa’ Insani