POKEMON (Program for Kids through Education and Management on Nutrition) – 14th September 2019

POKEMON (Program for Kids through Education and Management on Nutrition) is one of the activities of the CIMSA UNEJ COMDEV (Community Development). POKEMON itself has been implemented since 2016 and becomes an on going activity that is carried out by CIMSA UNEJ every month. POKEMON aims to improve the nutritional status of students at SDN Karangrejo V, Sumbersari, Jember, East Java. It is because students of Karangrejo V Elementary School tend to have nutritional status between good to poor (80%). This can be seen from the posture of students who are mostly thin and short. But for now there are more students with better nutritional status at SD Karangrejo V than there were previous POKEMON meetings. Activities undertaken during the implementation of POKEMON are to provide material related to healthy food and healthy lifestyle to all students. After giving out the material continued by games related to the material so that all students can review the material in a fun way and not forgetting the existence of prizes which are sweets and healthy snacks so that students became more active when carrying out the activities.

On Saturday, September 14, 2019 POKEMON carried out intervention activities by giving guidance to students in Karangrejo V SDN from grade 1 to grade 5 by CIMSA UNEJ and also assisted by “Dokter Kecil”. The students from each class looked very enthusiastic and eager to follow a series of coaching from us. At the beginning of the activity, we made an introduction and continued with an introduction from “Dokter Kecil”. Furthermore, the provision of healthy breakfast material includes the contents of my plate, 4 pillars of balanced nutrition, cone balanced nutrition, 10 general messages of balanced nutrition, 7 clean and healthy life behaviors which in the delivery of this material will be delivered by “Dokter Kecil” who have previously been taught at the previous Pokemon and assisted by CIMSA UNEJ. After getting the material, a quiz or guessing is carried out to found out the capability of understanding of the younger students. In order to keep the younger students interested, we also did ice breaking in the form of singing together. It was intended to keep younger students entertained.

Then the games were done outside the classroom. And each class was divided into 3 groups to gather in the field, and directed to their respective posts. There are 5 game posts with different and exciting games, each post will give a tape to each group, and at the end of the game there was a distribution of sweets that make the younger students happy. They were very enthusiastic when they were given a ribbon and candy.

Hopefully, by doing this activity, the students of Karangrejo V Elementary School, can share their knowledge and certainly can be good peer-educators for their friends, family, relatives, and also can help create a healthy Indonesia, Thank you CIMSA!

By : Aulia Wahyu Athiullah, Tariza Yefabilla Fauzi