CIMSA Pada Pandangan Pertama (CP3) – October 19th, 2019

CIMSA Pada Pandangan Pertama (CP3) is one of the activities of CIMSA UNEJ in a series of new member admissions for FK UNEJ students for class 2018 and 2019. This activity was held on Saturday, October 19th, 2019 at OSCE FK UNEJ Meeting Room.  In this project, we would like to tell to all of the participants what is CIMSA. Following the name of this activity, we hope that students who take part in this activity will fall in love with CIMSA and join as our family in CIMSA UNEJ.

We are proud to invite the National Official CIMSA Nasional and they take the time to present to give material and are happy with those who come to this event. National Official that came to this project are Alfisar Shidqi (National Officer on Sexual & Reproductive Health and Rights including HIV&AIDS), Made Dwi Aryastana Janardana (National Exchange Officer for Outgoing), Kevin Alfaro H. (National Officer for Research Exchange), Erlangga Lazuardi R. (National Officer on Human Rights and Peace), and Muhammad Yurizar Y. (National Exchange Officer for Incoming). We would like to say thank you to them for being willing to come to Jember. Thankyou, CIMSA!


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