The IFMSA 68th August Meeting was hosted by FMS Taiwan in Taipei. August Meeting is one of the events held by IFMSA which aims to gather IFMSA members from all across the globe and empower each other, with various trainings, theme events, plenary, and SCO sessions to continue the regeneration of IFMSA. All the opportunities provided in this event require delegates present to be able to share innovative, creative, and solutive ideas so that problems that occur, not only in the organization, but also in the environment / medical world, can be found the solutions. Then, we can solving the problems in order a better world.

As the topic raised at the 2019 IFMSA August Meeting theme events this time, namely ‘Science, Technology, and Innovation for Sustainable Health Care’, we as delegates and medical students are required to continue to learn and enrich knowledge as vast as possible extent because the rapid of advancement in technology can make it possible to shift the capabilities that have been possessed by medical personnel now and later as stated by Dr. James Christopher Thomas in delivering material on ‘How is Technology Shaping Diversity in Medical Systems’.

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